Film scoring private lessons

Tailor-made courses adapted to your skill level and needs.
Learn the skills required to start a career as a film composer

About the Lessons

There are many advantages of private courses, but the biggest one is lesson content tailored to your needs and level. The content of the course varies according to your skill level and needs and covers a variety of subjects such as:

  • History of music in film
  • Modal composition applied in film
  • Ear training and Jazz Harmony
  • Composing in different styles (Drama, Comedy, etc.)
  • Synchronizing and scoring to picture
  • Advanced MIDI programming and orchestration
  • Setting up templates
  • Ressources management
  • Improving your workflow
  • Delivery session preparation
  • Interactive music for video games
  • Business tips


In order to succeed in today’s film scoring world, composers must be musically skilled as well as tech savvy.

In order to benefit from these lessons, you are strongly encouraged to have the following

Technical requirement

  • Mac or PC computer running Cubase Pro or Nuendo
  • MIDI Keyboard
  • Virtual Instruments (CineSamples, Orchestral Tools, Spitfire or ProjectSAM)
  • Fast and stable internet connection
  • Webcam and microphone

Musical requirements

  • Basic keyboard skills
  • Basic ear training (recognizing chords, modes, and timbers)
  • Understanding of basic jazz chords
  • Being familiar with the film and game music repertoire and composers
  • Understand how music is working with picture


The lessons can be offered one-to-one or to a small group* of maximum 3 people at a time per class in order to dive deeper in the subjects and tailor the content specifically to your needs. Lessons can be taught in English or French.

1 on 1

Lesson for 1 person


One-on-one lesson covering your needs

2 people

Group of 2 people


(85$/hour each)

3 people

Group of 3 people


(70$/hour each)

* For group courses, you are responsible of forming your own group.


About Me

My name is Medhat Hanbali, I’m a film composer based in Montreal, Canada. I started classical at age 4 followed by studies in pop and jazz composition and arrangement (Marie-Victorin College), Digital Music (University of Montreal), Composition for Film and Television (Berklee Online) and a Masters in Film Scoring (Berklee Online).

I had the opportunity to work on numerous productions across the world as a composer and arranger in different mediums (Film, Games, Pop music, Theatre, Multimedia Shows and Television). My work can be heard on networks such as BBC, CBC, ARTE, France Television, Teletoon and the Montreal Planetarium.

Over the years, i had the opportunity to teach many students composition for media (Film, Games, TV) as well as music production, both privately as well in different audio institutions such as Musitechnic and ISTDS in both English and French. Today, i’m bringing my expertise online.

Some projects I scored:

– The Secret Phases of the Moon (Montreal Planetarium)
– Le Monde Selon Amazon, France 5 (France)
– Inside Lehman Brothers, BBC Storyville (UK)
– Mouvement Deluxe (TV series), Teletoon (Canada)
– Gala des Olivier, ICI Radio-Canada (Canada)
– Queen Rising (USA)
– Bobby Bazini – Summer is Gone Tour (Strings Arranger)
– Genevieve Leclerc – Neige (Arranger/Producer)
– Genevieve Leclerc – Duos de Gen (Orchestrator)


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